EverQuest 2 Hack 2013

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EverQuest 2 Hack 2013
How to use?
– Log into game
– Open hack
– Add goods and press “Hack!”


Everquest 2 Review:

EverQuest II is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG based upon the popular EverQuest. The game has vastly improved graphics and audio compared to its predecessor as well as much smoother combat and overall gameplay. The game was released in late 2004 and since its release has enjoyed numerous content updates and expansion packs. Like its predecessor, EverQuest II is set in the fantasy world of Norrath during a time of bitter conflict between the game’s the forces of good and evil.

EverQuest II is Sony Online Entertainment’s second stand alone game that is set in the EverQuest universe. It is not a direct sequel, as the game takes place in a parallel universe rather than after the events of the original EverQuest. The game was originally released back in 2004, but was eventually re-released in July 2010 as a free to play game with a cash shop. The game has incredible graphics and audio and is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Since the game’s release, EverQuest II enjoyed 5+ major expansion packs and many smaller content updates. If you were a fan of the original EverQuest, or just looking for a new game to try, EverQuest II won’t disappoint, especially since it’s a free to play game now. The free to play version is called “EverQuest II: Extended”.  The game has some 24+ classes and 19+ races, but the free users only have access to four races and eight classes – which are:

Races: Barbarian, Erudite, Half Elf and Human

Classes: Guardian (Fighter), Berserker (Fighter), Templar (Priest), Inquisitor (Priest), Wizard (Mage), Warlock (Mage), Swashbuckler (Scout) and Brigand (Scout),

NOTE I: To use our Hack you need NET Framework 4 Download HERE

NOTE II: Probable causes does not display the window are:

1. Installed plug to block ads (such as "AdBlock").

Solution: Turn off the plug that blocks ads.

2. Browser is blocking pop-up windows.

Solution: Turn off pop-up blocker in your browser.

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