How to download

This is Step by Step Guide for you how to get our cheats.

First you should download ours Downloader apps.

[Picture] - You can see 3 files

You can see 3 files

1. Open the file: “HackDownloader”

[Picture] NewHacks24 app

That is our app.
Created by NewHacks24 Team.

2. Click the “Next” button.
3. From the drop-down list, select the “cheat/hack/keygen” you want to download.

[PICTURE] Cheat and hacks list box

Cheat and hacks list box

4. Select the location to which you want to save the file.
5. Click “Start” and wait for the program to download the hack.
6. Follow the instructions for action hack and enjoy the bonuses.

P.S The hack is locked password, which can be obtained after completed survey.


We have decided to protect all our cheats, hacks, keygens and other apps with a gateway lock, meaning that you have to fill out a short survey. The surveys help us keep the site we are no longer able to create it for free, apart from this the surveys  protects our Programs and Hacks from Bots and hackers.

At first it may seem a waste of money, smalls but it’s still a money but If you start to think you will understand how much money you waste for buying a lot of things to game and here you pay once and have this for free to end. Fill out our survey doesn’t take you much time and will help us. Thank you for your understanding.


How to complete the surveyse?

You must complete the surveys to get the access to password that unlocks the downloaded hack.
1.  After you have opend on the downloaded cheat/hack it should show you a window with surveys. You must complete the surveys to activate hack.
2. A Window with 5 different Surveys will pop up. Select which survey you want to complete.
3. Choose one of the given surveys and complete it. There are pretty easy surveys where you just have to register somewhere. Most of the surveys last about 1-2 minutes.
4. After you have filled out the survey your download (with password to unlock the hack) should unlock if you have entered valid information.
5. Your download should automatically begin within 1-2 minutes after complet survey.

If you have problems try a different survey.

That’s it! Type the downloaded password and unlock the hack!
Follow the instructions for action hack and enjoy the bonuses.
Thanks for completed survey and support our work!

Need help in completing the survey?

– MANUALLY type information in, do NOT copy paste or use auto-fill feature.
– Don’t rush through it, and take your time. These surveys are able to detect it.
– If you have only mobile surveys available, do them! They are completely free. Even if they say, that you will need to pay something.

Do not try to rush through the survey or cookies will not have the time to track properly.
Most Surveys have time limits and if completed to quickly they will not Unlock the Download.

A Window with 5 different Surveys will pop up. Select which survey you want to complete.

  1. Disable your IDM  or any other download manager then proceed for download.
  2. Use your real information like your real name address Email ID and, phone (if required).
    Check your email id to confirm link or your phone to pick up a disposable pin.
  3. You can use your mobile number for verification purpose.
  4. Make sure your ad blocker is off if you have one. Your taking a survey from the actual ad company.
  5. Make sure your browser has cookies enabled. They will give you a cookie (probably) that says if you started and completed the survey.
  6. Allow each page to fully load before proceeding. Usually there’s a second popup window that comes up, dont close it utill you complete this survey. Continue with the one in your browser and you SHOULD be fine.
  7. If you have selected Download and Install Survey Just download and install the software given your software will unlock automatically once the software is installed on your PC.


Click to show: How to download – FAQ


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