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One of my favourite games, I can give you now my amazing and newest hack to you, add unlimited in-game goods free and instant, future  updates included! be the best on the server/s and impress your friends, you can also help them with some goods, surely they will be very happy!

Wartune Hack 2013

– Balens/Gold/Vouchers/Premium ADDER
– Never die option

– AutoUpdates!

How to use?
– Open hack
– Type username and press “Connect”
– Activate/add features and press “Add”

Note:Update your hack frequently for latest hack improvemets, by pressing “Update”.


Wartune Review:
Wartune is a 2D browser-based RPG that puts you in the shoes of a mighty hero bent on protecting, and caring for their city. Among its most notable features, you’ll find dungeons, city building, crafting/farming, and PvP in the form of competition with other surrounding player cities. Whether you’re looking for RPG or strategy, you’ll find it in the world of Wartune.

Wartune is R2 Games’ new 2D browser title, which puts the player in the role of one of three classes (knight, mage, and archer) as they construct and upgrade a city of their own, while taking part in a variety of dungeons, quests and events. Though this is a turn-based title, the action is sharp and fast-paced, which goes a long way to keep players entertained through the repetition. In the world of Wartune, you can expect a solid mix of city building and RPG action, peppered with boss fights, PvP action and an entertaining personal progression system. With that said, the class choice is fairly limited, and replayability is not Wartune’s strongest aspect, so expect some grinding, and short daily playtimes.

Three unique classes: Knight, Archer, and Mage.

Mages: as Masters of Magic, Mages can summon powerful spells to both attack enemies and heal allies.

Knights: in their iron-clad armor, are capable of wielding two-handed weapons to stun forces and slice enemies in twain! Knights can also raise a mighty shield to protect their friends.

Archers: with their speed and stealth, are known for their use of ranged attacks and sniper abilities. Coupled with specialized attack methods, the Archer is a force to be reckoned with!

Astral System: In addition to your skills and stats, Wartune features an innovative Astral System where you can collect and synthesize stars in thousands of different combinations to give your character the unique edge it deserves.

Quick Time Event (QTE) Combat System: A classic problem with turn-by-turn combat in the past has been the lack of involvement by the player in the action. You just click and the combat runs its self. With Wartune’s QTE system, you choose your action, but then must put in a random series of keys in a short timeframe to give your attack an added boost! You are directly involved in the game combat for the whole battle!

Daily Adventures: Wartune has over 20 daily quests and 20 Bounty quests you can do every day to gain gold, experience, and other valuable loot! With so much to do, you will never be bored.

PvP Battles: Wartune features 2 types of PvP battles, one-on-one battles and group arenas. You can either choose to battle opponents one-to-one, or you and your friends or guild mates can battle other small groups in an open arena. May the best player win!

Thousand Person BOSS Battles: you never need to go it alone! Every day, various bosses spawn and anyone can join the fight to take them down! But only the players who do the most damage will receive rewards.

NOTE I: To use our Hack you need NET Framework 4 Download HERE

NOTE II: Probable causes does not display the window are:

1. Installed plug to block ads (such as "AdBlock").

Solution: Turn off the plug that blocks ads.

2. Browser is blocking pop-up windows.

Solution: Turn off pop-up blocker in your browser.

Click here to see the full FAQ You do not know how to download ? Click Here!

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